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Dashboard Applications

Access school activities, and other information from your mobiles.

Our Education dashboards for schools are to access the data from mobile. Dashboards are being utilized to monitor school activities on mobiles, which will increase the transparency to the parents. Dashboards are customized for each school or college taking into account their data sources and goals.

For Parents

Parental involvement is key to a child's educational success. With a dedicated parent dashboard, parents are provided with a quick, simple and secure channel to follow their children's education. Parent dashboard makes the teacher-parent communication easier than ever and the information is not lost or forgotten in the backpack. Parent's access the dashboard using a unique username and password, and can log in from any computer that's connected to the Internet. They can access information about their child at any time, including up-coming tasks, attendance, behavior, grades, lesson plans and assignments. Each individual school can decide what information to publish. As well as being beneficial for the parents, the parent dashboard is time-saving for teachers. With a properly set-up parent dashboard they don't have to spend time preparing reports on their students' progress, attendance, behavior or attainments, because the information is automatically updated on the parent dashboard.

For Principal

Principal dashboard can monitor all classes, attendance, behavior, activities and assessment data in real-time including a school-wide activity stream which gives principals a live heartbeat of the school in real-time. This dashboard also monitors the events, transport facility, placements, and hostel and infirmary systems.

For Teachers

Teacher dashboard is an application that supports teachers in managing, organizing, and working with shared folders between teachers and students. This dashboard helps them manage their communication, classes, documents and access to key software applications.

Features for Parents

  • Assignment task tracking
  • Integrated homework calender
  • Class and activity pages
  • Personal schedule and time table
  • School events for all games, excursions and special occasions
  • Class news and school announcements
  • Parent File shares and form download facility
  • Search facility to locate parent documents
  • Term and semester reports

Features for Principal

  • Enquiry system
  • Admission and fee systems
  • Administration Management
  • Attendance systems
  • Teacher Management
  • Library Management
  • Time table and examination management
  • Employee and accounts management

Features for Teachers

  • Timetabled classes and class lists
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Personalized schedule and documents
  • Next due task and class roll marking
  • Daily Notices, Staff Notices and School Announcements
  • Staff and class forums
  • Homework drop boxes


  • Progress overview of their children's individual learning plans
  • Integrated homework calender
  • User friendly
  • Compatible to all devices
  • Improve student outcomes
  • Attendance Data
  • Teachers can analyze both academic and behavioral data
  • Achievement Information
  • Overview of child's recent activity