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Mobi Coupon

Goodbye to paper; create, distribute, redeem and track coupons digitally.

Mobi coupons are coupons in a digital format, not paper and created, distributed, redeemed and tracked via Mobi coupon portal and people using their mobile phone. Because of mobile phones ubiquity and the fact that they are almost always by a person's side, by default, mobile coupons are available at pretty much anyplace and any time. Mobi Coupons are flexible mobile couponing solution, enabling both pull and push coupons distribution methods, various easy and fast coupon program enrolment scenarios and convenient coupon redemption.

In order to support and build brand awareness Nimbu Tech Systems / Inno apps India enables sending coupon notifications in SMS and in the form Application to their smart phones. Consumers can also check and/or order their coupons through your branded mobile or web portal, putting your company and your brand in front of consumer's eyeballs more often. Mobi coupon allows you to track and analyze the whole coupon lifecycle. Mobi coupons are emerging as the top choice by companies who want to effectively reach their customers and prospects.

Mobi Coupon is an offer by an online merchant to a shopper to discount some or all items within one order, possibly subject to conditions, within a specified validity period. While Mobi Coupons could potentially be issued both by manufacturers and merchants, in this we will focus on Mobi Coupons issued by merchants solely for use on their own mobile or web sites. In the merchant-issued Mobi Coupon scenario, all Mobi Coupon related data can be stored on the merchant's own server, thus simplifying security and avoiding the need for standards for merchant-manufacturer communication.


  • (Optional) controlled redemption: coupons can be redeemed once per customer (to help prevent coupon fraud or abuse)
  • Coupons can be redeemed at multiple stores, with store tracking by store number
  • Automated scheduling (based on start date and expiration date)
  • Coupons can deliver in the form of APP for smart phone user.
  • Coupons can deliver in the form of MMS for other than smart phones.
  • Coupons can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via email
  • Coupon redemptions are recorded in the control panel


  • Easy to use this system
  • Easy to reach or target the marketing activities
  • Target 'n' number of customers with no time
  • Controlled redemption, coupons can be redeemed once per customer
  • Coupons can be redeemed at multiple stores, with store tracking by store number
  • With multiple locations redemption visitors see the location closest to them
  • An option to save the coupon to the visitor's phone or email to themselves
  • Add any other widgets to the coupon mobile page (image galleries, video, etc.) to showcase your product or offering.