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Mobile Brochure

Advertise your products with less cost and in less time.

SMART Brochure is unique concept developed for construction companies to advertise their products with less cost and less time. By using this application construction companies can send their brochure to one mobile or bulk mobiles. SMART Brochure is developed as pre-sales application. SMART Brochure solution is an efficient way of delivering the latest brochures and promotions to the customers. The solution is built to support a variety of customer platforms and provide a rich user experience. This mobile brochure helps construction companies to reach their targeted customers as many as they can with less expenses and in a less time. It increases top-line sales and improved bottom line through reduced costs and also reduces the time to market for new brochures and promotions.


  • Automated tool for a high-quality brochure and distribution
  • Targeted promotion tool.
  • Provision to embed audio, animation, and video to create an interactive visual experience.
  • Tool for personalized catalogues, manuals and brochures based on user preferences
  • Auto expiry and content protection for security or rights management


  • Advanced user experience, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction
  • It is very easy to use
  • Customer can see at any time when they can.
  • Customers can share anybody in the world
  • Customers can review
  • Product can viewed in the form video or images
  • It is very descriptive
  • No need of internet connection, App can be transferred through SMS
  • Requires on time GPRS connection to download the app from SMS link
  • Increased top-line sales and improved bottom line through reduced costs
  • Reduced time to market for new brochures and promotions
  • It will work for any app enabled model on any OS