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M-construction (SITE)

Mobile integrated solution for Construction & Infra companies.

M-construction (Product named as SITE) is an application developed for construction & infrastructure companies, which will monitor their day to day operations on mobile. It can monitor material flow like maintenance of the material, goods and account details for the different companies listed in a group. It provides end-to-end coverage of the specific needs of construction and infrastructure companies.

It addresses the information needs of the entire organization and contributes to the strategic competencies of the enterprise. SITE captures information from far-flung project locations through electronic data transfer, thus bringing critical project control information online. The applications in SITE are completely integrated with each other to ensure that every piece of information is captured only once.

SITE empowers managers with comprehensive reporting, enabling them to take tactical decisions quickly and efficiently. It is an invaluable tool, which helps leverage information and experience to deliver projects on time and within costs. SITE provides a comprehensive environment to capture work progress in terms of quantities executed and resources consumed. Based upon the progress entered, SITE automatically updates the project schedule for the activity progress. SITE generates various variance statements for the projections from the Project Planning system, enabling review of the underlying assumptions.


  • Sub-contract Billing and client invoicing
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Execution
  • MMS (Material Management system)
  • VMS (Vendor Management System )
  • FMS (Finance Management System)
  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • Day-to-day report generation on mobile


  • Easy to use
  • No need of external hardware required
  • As it is cloud based maintenance free
  • One line event tracking
  • Easy communication modules
  • Can be integrated to any of the back end system
  • Affordable cost and time saving
  • Minimizing the human interaction at administration