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Smart POS

Empower associates to improve the retail customer experience.

For the mobile minded, shopping has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, it can happen anywhere at any time. And in this digital, all access age, shoppers expect more from the retailers they frequent – both in-store and online – and the associates that assist them. Those expectations are leading to a steady revolution of the retail shopping experience.

Building a stronger, more personal relationship with technology savvy customers will ultimately drive sales and loyalty, but takes the right investments to accomplish. Creating an exceptional customer experience is more important than ever. To stay in the game, you need to step up your digital toolkit and mobile Point-of-Sale solutions (mPOS) can help.

How does it work?

These systems mechanize and join numerous retail procedures to decrease the time spent processing economic transactions. The Mobile system automatically totals the number of items and creates a 2D barcode. The 2D Barcode would be carried by customer to POS system and generates the invoice, totals the quantities, deducts suitable discounts, and applies tax. The system also sends the transaction record to the inventory system and consumer data to the marketing database. If the inventory is low, this system can issue orders for further stock. This system also prints a receipt for the consumer.

Features for Retails Stores

  • At the shelf / At the shopping cart SMART POS device will be provided
  • Self-scan items as they are added to the basket for linear barcodes
  • Get more detailed or personalized information about products using extended Packaging
  • Add additional items to shopping list
  • Add items to shopping list by key in the bar code number manually
  • Generate 2D bar code with captured items
  • Print generated 2d Bar code using thermal printers attached to the device

Features for Customer

  • Submit the 2D bar code at POS for invoice generation
  • Redeem coupons and promotions
  • Generate detailed bill
  • Print bills
  • Pay & Checkout


  • Faster & easy to use
  • Ease of use – less training & enhance productivity
  • Easy to use – reduce user resistance
  • Fast Deployment – get up & running quickly
  • No need of changing their existing hardware or database
  • Efficiency – integrate POS, complete stock functionality & full set account, no double entry
  • Reduces the customers shopping time
  • Reduces the long 'Q's at point of sale
  • Increases the sales by reducing shoppers time
  • Save man power & costs – maximize competitive advantage
  • Fully secured product
  • Security control – user access & login to control fraud
  • Advanced & complete functionality – discount, promotion, members points & more
  • Ready infrastructure – can support growing store, accommodate fast & heavy transactions
  • No need of dedicated space
  • Can work any kind of environment